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Aug 27, 2018 Encrypt Files on Your SD Card Using Your Android Phone You should be able to select the types of files you want to encrypt on your SD card. If you choose to encrypt media files, anticipate the encryption process to take a while, depending on the number of media files you have on your phone. How do you encrypt an Android phone? | AnswersDrive One such option is to encrypt your entire device. This means that every time you power your phone on, you'll need either a numeric pin or password to decrypt the device.An encrypted device is far more secure than an unencrypted one. When encrypted, the only way to get into the phone is with the encryption key. How to Encrypt iPhone: 4 Simple Steps to Secure Your Device

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May 15, 2013 · If you encrypt your Android phone, it provides an extra layer of security by creating an extra loop for intruders to jump through. Encryption can be cracked, but it takes deliberate effort and plenty of time. Unless someone specifically wants your data, they will probably give up and try to steal data from a more easily accessed device.