Why are YouTube comments the worst on the internet?

2009-7-29 · I cant post comments on any website especially on youtube. Why is it so? Whenever i try to post comment, the site keeps on taking loading but my comment never comes on the page. YouTube still can’t stop child predators in its comments 2019-2-19 · YouTube is facing a new wave of criticism over the alarming number of predatory comments and videos targeting young children. The latest concerns started with a Reddit post, submitted to r/Drama YouTube Comments Not Loading: How to Fix? - Valibyte

YouTube is a wild west of content. There are some great videos there, but also some truly awful ones.You can help out by reporting questionable content. RELATED: PSA: Parents, YouTube Is Littered with Creepy Pseudo "Kid-Friendly" Videos With 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, there’s just no way for Google to effectively police it all.

Youtube deleted all building 7 videos of it collapsing 2020-7-1

An explanation as to why I am blocked from viewing or making comments would be helpful!!! I have not done anything wrong! I don't even swear or make inappropr iate posts! If you are going to block people, the least you could do is tell us why, or is someone complained, etc! This is bull. See More

Why Can’t I post comments? - YouTube Community Here's my problem. I can post new comments on my phone when I use Youtube, but when on my computer, there isn't even a place for me to make a new comment of my own. I can reply to any comment previously posted by others, and I can even see my own comments on other older videos and reply to them. I've been searching for days for a solution.