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BGP Looking Glass - Directory of BGP Looking Glass Servers BGP Looking Glass. Directory. A comprehensive list of BGP looking glass servers located in various geographic regions. What Is BGP Looking Glass? BGP, also known as Border Gateway Protocol, is the routing protocol of the Internet.A BGP looking glass tool is software installed on a looking glass server which can be accessed remotely to provide routing information. JANET Looking Glass IPv6 Please e-mail questions or comments to the JANET NOSC operations@ja.net The source for this looking-glass may be found here. Use at your own risk. MRLG - www.lonap.net - Multi-Router Looking Glass www.lonap.net - Multi-Router Looking Glass (MRLG) Running MRLG Version 5.4.1+ad1 Beta (IPv6+SSH+Neighbor interrogation) A service of LONAP. Note: ALL access to this interface is logged. Accessing from: This facility is for network diagnostics only. Please do NOT use this looking glass in automated scripts without permission. STAT LookinGlass.Org :: Routing tables growing charts.

Looking Glass servers are computers on the Internet running one of a variety of publicly available Looking Glass software implementations. A Looking Glass server (or LG server) is accessed remotely for the purpose of viewing routing information. Essentially, the server acts as a limited, read-only portal to routers of whatever organization is running the LG server.

Tata Communications AS6453 IPv4 and IPv6 Looking Glass Tata Communications AS6453 IPv4 and IPv6 Looking Glass Try new beta. Type of Query Parameter Node; bgp: ping This Looking Glass is NOT to be used with ANY automated scripts. All queries must be entered manually. Abusers of this policy will be permanently banned from this server. Because of the low-priority nature of ICMP traffic handling on Looking Glass IPv4 and IPv6 - Probe Networks

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Please note that NOC details below are only for settlement-free peers. CenturyLink customers should contact +1 877-4LEVEL3 (+1-877-453-8353) or raise a ticket through our portal https://mylevel3.net tools:ipv6_looking_glasses [BGP4.net] Feb 04, 2017 Looking Glass - Workonline Communications The Workonline Communications Looking Glass provides a means for 3rd party network operators to view routing and reachibility information from the perspective of the Workonline Communications network. Target Address field accepts both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, but not DNS names. Looking Glass points from FirstByte